Exploring World Religions:

Elizabeth Cantey is teaching an in-depth class through OLLI at the University of North Florida. This course offers an overview of the many great religions and spiritual traditions of the world. Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and others are introduced with a special emphasis on what brings us together in spirituality rather than what separates us in dogma or culture.

Tuesdays beginning Feb until April 2 at 11:00am.  You must register through Olli at the University of North Florida.


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We are a place for healing and wellbeing on the planet. Our teachings of the interconnectedness of all Life is a healing force for individuals, for the community, and for the world. As we remember the Truth of our being, we become a source for Peace in our community, and then we begin to affect the consciousness for Peace on the planet. We become a force for great Good in this world, a healing Presence which is a beacon of light in a world riddled with religious, political, and social discord. The healing starts right here, at home, in the heart of each individual. We cannot wait for the world to change – we are the change!

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Our main goal is to provide clarity and an experience of spiritual principles that we can use to enhance our sense of health, wealth and well-being.  We know these principle are always at our disposal, and as we become more and more familiar with them – and as we experience them in our lives, we become the place for joy and happiness and peace and abundance. We practice the presence of Spirit in our lives, and we are transformed!