Renewal and Resurrection

Spring is always a time for renewal.  It seems as if all the unseen forces of the earth are pushing life from its quiet dormancy into joyful proliferation.  Outside my front door is a lake with several new occupants: otters and alligators, a majestic blue heron, countless tilapia ripple the waters like a giant beast when they swim en masse.  Spring has sprung and the earth is renewing itself, life is pushing forward into another season of growth and expansion.

We too, after a winter season of contemplation, may have an inner sense of renewal and vitality as we look forward to the warmth of the sun lingering for us as the evenings stretch out. And a strange energy has come over me – I have been spring cleaning with a passion!  I have this sense that everything that is not serving its highest purpose must go – not knowing what will take its place, but knowing that something more purposeful, more appropriate, more fitting will come when it is needed.  As I expand in consciousness, I let go of the things that no longer serve me, and I am making room in my life for more good. This afternoon, as I walked my dog, I could see all the efforts of my neighbors spring cleaning as well:  chairs, storage boxes, suitcases, birdhouses, and lamps are stacked on the curb with signs acknowledging they are ‘free’ for the taking.  It seems I am not alone in my passion for letting go of what doesn’t serve me any longer, and making room for the unexpected!

For me, Easter is symbolic for the ultimate renewal – new life and spiritual transformation. It is a reminder that Life is eternal, and physical death is an illusion. Jesus, as the Christ Consciousness, rises to a full and complete understanding of his Oneness and Unity with all of Life.  We too, are on that same path and as we choose to let go of the smaller self, the smaller ideas, the smaller beliefs and habits, we transform and are renewed again.

Laugh, Love, and Live Enlightened!
Elizabeth Cantey