Spiritual Director

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Who I am… I Am my Source revealed…

I was drawn to become a minister to deepen my knowledge of Spiritual Truth within world religions and mystical paths, to better my spiritual communication and expression, and to better define my path of service. I am dedicated to the awakening and the deepening of the Light within me, the same Light that is within every human, and to participate in the awakening of the Consciousness on the planet.

I believe my spiritual practices are the most important aspect of my spiritual growth and unfoldment. In practicing stillness, compassion, joy, abundance, and freedom, I feel that I prepare myself to better live Stillness, Compassion, Joy, Abundance, and Freedom. I practice Sudarshan Kriya – a yogic breathing technique for healing and peace and I meditate quite a bit. I cultivate mindfulness in my everyday activities, such as laundry or dishes, and especially in my parenting, and that is what my website, and my ministry has been focused on: bringing enlightenment –the conscious activity of Spirit – into the everyday. I find myself living my mission: transforming myself, in order to participate in and inspire the transformation in my community, so that we may, in turn, uplift and transform the world!

My deepest blessings and most powerful growth have come to me because of my involvement as a mother, a practitioner, and a life student of Spirit, and now as the consciousness of minister. Through dedication and mindfulness, I have come to enjoy a life where I know I am the unique expression of the All-That-There-Is and so is everything and everyone around me! A life where meaning does not come from how much one has or can buy or can do, but in how much one recognizes the Truth of who they really are! A life in which there is wholeness and meaning in the laundry and the dishes and a boy’s smile. A life in which there is nothing but Love anywhere I turn, within or without. This is a life worth living! And this is what I teach…

What I Do… I live, move and have my Being in Spirit…

Currently, as the Spiritual Director for the Center for  Spiritual Living Jacksonville, I teach classes, hold meditation meetings, and transformational meet ups.

Recently, I have created and taught 6 two hour seminars – a transformational series entitled Awakening the Enlightened Within. I have created and taught over 40 one and a half hour classes entitled “Enlightened Everyday: Practicing the Presence.” It is an awareness of the struggles we may deal with in everyday life with a focus on how to stay enlightened with enlightened practices.  For the past three summers I taught a 5 week meditation class on the beach with emphasis on silent and guided meditations and pranic breathing. I am writing my first book entitled “Enlightened Everyday” which is about transforming everyday experiences into enlightened ones!

Where I’ve been… I inhale the future, exhale the past – and I can just be… here… now…

I became a practitioner in 1998 at Agape International Spiritual Center, with Rev Michael Beckwith. While at Agape, I taught many accredited classes as well as my own workshops.  I have been on the path of learning and practicing spiritual principles for many years now.  I studied, and teach, Sudarshan Kriya through The Art of Living Foundation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.  And I attend retreats with Eckhart Tolle each year, as well as going to seminars with Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks, Kenn Gordon, and other current Spiritual Leaders.

Where I’m going… Within the Alpha of the desire is the Omega of its fruition….

I speak to inspire, teach to awaken, do prayer treatment to heal, and strive to lead by example; I endeavor to embody the Principles of Spiritual Living; I embrace laughter, love, joy and a complete lightness of Being. I am here for God!

I and my piers seek to create a warm, dynamic Spiritual Community who is actively engaged in the process of Spiritual growth; a community who embraces inclusivity and change; who are committed to knowing themselves as individual expressions of God –the Source Energy of the Universe; a community who turns within to Spirit first as Cause and Completion; a community interested in empowering each other, those in the community, and in the world; a community who can imagine now, a world filled with Peace, and see themselves as active instigators of this Divine Peace.

You can learn more about me by clicking on the links below:

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