Elizabeth Cantey is a dynamic and inspirational speaker and spiritual coach.
Her talks, workshops and classes are about living Enlightened Everyday. She believes that we are all created in Light, in Love, in Peace and in Joy and we can use these qualities to influence us in every single everyday situations.

Elizabeth is a licensed minister through the Centers for Spiritual Living and has a master’s degree in consciousness studies with an emphasis on world religions. She holds a doctorate degree in consciousness studies and has finished her first book, Enlightened Everyday: A Guide to Integrating Spirit, Mind and Body, which will be published through DeVorss Publishing.

She has created and taught many workshops, classes, and seminars centered around living Enlightened Everyday and continues to inspire groups, centers and gatherings with her unique and engaging speaking style.

Elizabeth believes in living Enlightened Everyday through spiritual practices, community service and a dedication to choose love and compassion first in her life as a mother, a teacher, a minister, and a lover of Life.

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