The Greatest Force for Love is YOU…

Ernest Holmes, in his book, The Science of Mind, reminds us that there is a Universal Truth that runs through all the world’s great Wisdom traditions, and that this Truth is not the revelation of one person or one group, but it is the culmination of all revelations throughout the ages. The Truth is always relevant – then, now, and forever. The Truth is perennial, everlasting and we know it – we can sense and feel it – in our heart and soul.

The truth is, the timing couldn’t be better to get back to the basics of the Truth.  With everything going on in our political arena, I am seeing and experiencing such discord all around me. I see friends fighting with friends, neighbors angry at neighbors, and even husbands and wives going at it.  There is an atmosphere of us against them, of me against you, and of I am right therefore you must be wrong. It has been a little disheartening – to say the least – but I remember that anything that feels less than good, less than whole, less than loving, means there is something for me to pay attention to. That’s all.  There is something that is unlike our true nature of Love and Peace that is calling out for our attention and it needs healing.  Sometimes this is represented as discordant thoughts in our mind, sometimes we see it in an argument with our lover or friend, and sometimes it is played out on a grand scale either in our community, or in our country.  We are experiencing all of this now – but to resolve any of it, we must turn within first, and judge not by appearances. When we react to everything out there, the appearances, we are dealing with the effects which are the product of our past individual and collective thoughts.  The only way to change those effects is to turn within, re-discover the Power of Peace that is our very life, believe in it, allow it to flow into our experiences, and then we will know a different reality.

To those who say this sounds simplistic – it is.  It is incredible simple.  Life is not meant to be complicated. The Truth is not complicated. Loving Kindness is not complicated.  If we are not making decisions based on loving our neighbor, then we are not Christians – for Jesus only spoke of and taught the power of Love and inclusivity.  If we are not speaking of and giving Loving Kindness in our words and actions then we are not true Muslims – for the will of God is Love, always and forever.  If we are not honoring the spark of the Divine in everyone around us, then we are breaking our covenant with Spirit, Source – and we are not honoring Judaism.  If we cannot dwell in thoughts and actions that are sourced from Loving-Kindness, then we are not true Buddhists.  If we cannot sit and be still and come to know the Divine within our selves, and therefore see it in everyone and everything, then we are not true Hindus.  Every faith is about revealing the power of Love in and as our very lives, and if we are not living our lives in that space of Love – then we are placing our faith in fear, in lack, in not-enoughness – and every ancient tradition tells us that we will absolutely experience the effects of our passionate beliefs.

Non-violence [Peace] is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man. ~Gandhi

God is Abundance, God is More than enough. All things are possible in God  – and God is within.  When we look at that statement again, it reads – All THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IN GOD-AS-ME.  Together, in Peace, the answers to any challenge are revealed.  We can, each of us believe in the Power of Peace and Loving Kindness today and every minute – and we will be transformed, standing in the Kingdom of Heaven – the state of consciousness of Peaceful Loving-Kindness.

We must’ be the change we wish to see in the world’. ~Gandhi

Laugh, Love, and Live Enlightened!

Elizabeth Cantey
Spiritual Leader
Center for Spiritual Living Jacksonville